There are several theatres in Saarbrücken operated by different organizers. The biggest and most important one is the Staatstheater (State Theatre). The Staatstheater’s performances take place either in the Große Haus (the opera hall in the Theatre building on the banks of the river Saar) or at different theatres associated with the Staatstheater, e.g. Alte Feuerwache or Theater St. Arnual. Concerts by the Theatre’s own orchestra are often given in the Congresshalle.


The Staatstheater’s repertoire spans operas, plays and ballet, but also concerts of classical music.

box office for all associated theatres, Schillerplatz (opposite Staatstheater): 0681- 3092486; e-mail for ticket reservation; email for detailed questions on productions or additional services

The Staatstheater’s repertoire spans operas, plays and ballet, but also concerts of classical offices (Abendkasse) at the different venues:
Staatstheater (Am Schillerplatz 1): 0681-3092286
Alte Feuerwache (Landwehrplatz): 0681-3092203
Congresshalle (Hafenstr.): 0681-41805 48
The box offices are located at the entrance of each theatre and open 1 hour before the beginning of each play.

Student reduction: Students can go to the Staatstheather for free with their UdS-Card, only reservations will cost 5 Euro each.

Überzwerg children’s theatre

The Theater Überzwerg is a special theatre aiming at a young audience. Many of their performances are mainly for children, but they also stage plays for adolescents or adults (student reduction available).
The Jugendclub and Kinderclub are projects where young people can gain their first experiences in acting.

address: Scharnhorststr. 10, 66119 Saarbrücken; phone: 0681-854021

Theater im Viertel – alternative theatre

The Theater im Viertel is a small independent theatre located in the Nauwieserviertel, Saarbrücken’s alternative quarter.
Entrance fees are between 3 and 10 Euro, depending on the different performances. Admission and opening time of the box office: 30 min. before the performance.

address: Nauwieser Str. 13, 66111 Saarbrücken; phone: 0681-3904602

Dudweiler Statt-Theater

Founded in 1988, the Statt-Theater stages various plays, as well as Jazz concerts. Tickets are around 6 (student reduction) to 10 Euro and can be ordered online or bought from Papier Meiser in Dudweiler or from the box office at the theatre.

address: Sulzbachtalstr. 172, 66125 Dudweiler; phone: 06897-74060