Swimming Pools

If you’d like to go swimming in Saarbrücken or in the region there are many different opportunities. We’ve chosen a few baths and lakes that are nice and easy to reach.

Calypso Erlebnisbad

This is a relatively big bath in Saarbrücken, not in the city centre but easy to reach by bus (the bus stop is called Messegelände). They have different swimming pools, a sauna, big slides, a snorkel reef, a restaurant, etc. Check out their website.


A bath with sauna in Dudweiler, smaller and less spectacular than Calypso, but certainly alright for a nice swim after work or at the weekend. In summer the bath is closed and the open air bath nearby opens instead. website


A big open air bath (open only in summer) located in the forest between the university campus and the city (Eschberg). Address: Am Schwarzenbergbad 16, 66123 Saarbrücken, Tel. 0681-389970. There are big lawns, swimming pools (also for children), diving platforms and an 80 metre slide, as well as a snack bar.

Würzbacher Weiher

If you are fond of swimming in a lake rather than in an artificial swimming pool, the Würzbacher Weiher is one option. There is even a shower (open air) and a tiny snack bar. You can get there by car (of course), by bike (but look it up on the map first, it is quite a way) or train. The lake is located in Niederwürzbach, which belongs to Blieskastel.

Lakes in Saarland

If you want to swim rather in a lake than in an open air bath, you may visit the Bostalsee (website) or the smaller Losheimer Stausee (website).

Lakes in France

Just across the border there are a few lakes where you can swim and / or go camping. It’s best to go there by car or bike, as they are often rather remote. Some of them are, for example: Stockweiher (big), Mittersheimer Weiher, Dieffenbacher Weiher, Lac du Puttelange (remote and nice).