Movie Theater

Some of the cinemas also show movies in English, resp. in the original language with subtitles (“OmU”).

The City-Kinos: Passage (PK), UT, Scala, Filmhaus, 8 1/2

  • Passage Kino (PK): Bahnhofstraße, Saarbrücken. One large auditorium (PK 1) and a smaller one (PK 2). Sound: Dolby Digital, DTS, SDDS, THX. Air conditioning.
  • UT Kino: Berliner Promenade 17, Saarbrücken. 4 auditoriums, in one of which smoking is allowed. Sound: DTS SRD. Air conditioning.
  • Scala Kino: Futterstraße 5, Saarbrücken. 6 auditoriums. Sound: Lichtton, Dolby Surround (Scala 2). They show slightly older movies for a few a few Euros.
  • Filmhaus: Mainzer Straße, Saarbrücken. 3 small auditoriums. Air conditioning. They show less mainstream, more alternative, international or gay movies. Check for OmU.
  • 8 1/2: Nauwieser Straße 19, Saarbrücken. One small auditorium. Alternative, international or gay movies. Check for OmU.


St. Johanner Straße 61. 11 auditoriums. Sound: DTS, DD. Air conditioning. Check for OmU.

program for all cinemas


Audimax, building 16, university campus. The Student Union’s cinema project. Slightly older movies for a cheap entrance fee (ca. 2,50€). Check for OmU.