Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek (SULB)

This is the big interdisciplinary university library. It is located on the university campus (building B1.1 on the campus map) and is accessible for all students, as well as everybody who is registered as living in Saarland. Their normal lending service is free of charge. It is not a reference library, i.e. you have to choose your books in an online catalogue, fill out a form and wait for the books to be brought from the repository. The online catalogue can also be accessed from outside the library building. For this catalogue and more information see the website.


Saarbrücken’s public library. It is located in the city centre and is accessible to everybody. Books and other media are available in many international languages, too. They offer not only a great variety of German and international books but also magazines, newspapers, e-books, music and software CDs, comics and games. There is also a “Lesecafé” – a room where you can have coffee while reading the latest newspapers and magazines. Check out the website (German only) for the online catalogue and a list of links to other libraries. The Stadtbibliothek is closed on Mondays.