Living Costs

You should consider the following expenses:money

  • Accommodation: see arriving, step 1
  • Health insurance: public health insurance companies in Germany offer special health insurance for students. Here you can find a list of prices (German). For detailed information, please contact us. Here you can find a list of prices (German)
  • Food: you can eat relatively cheaply in the university’s canteen (Mensa), starting at about 2.30 Euros for a basic lunch. There are also several cafés on campus offering a range of different low priced dishes.
  • Computers and books: the MPI-INF offers a well-equipped library and free access to computers so that you will be able to keep these costs down.
  • Public transport: In order to study at the IMPRS-CS or at Saarland University, you will have to register at university and renew this registration each term (this procedure is called Rückmeldung). At registration you receive your student id-card, including the “Semesterticket” that allows unlimited travel on nearly all kinds of public transport within the Federal State of Saarland. The cost for the Semesterticket is covered by the semester fee that you have to pay for the Rückmeldung and it is valid for six month. More information upon registration, step 3.
  • Rundfunkbeitrag: the Rundfunkbeitrag is a fee collected by the the state-run organization “ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio Beitragsservice” for use of radio and television under public law. Everybody who owns a radio and/or TV set or any other digital devices like computers with internet connection and smartphones must pay these fees. The fee is 17.98 Euros per month.

Consider these just basic costs and only examples. Do not calculate too tightly, you will need extra money for everyday life (e.g. telephone, clothing, going out, etc.).