Police, Fire Department

If someone is suddenly in need of medical assistance (for example, falls unconscious, can not breathe, is injured in an accident or is attacked), you must call the emergency call centre immediately on 112. This call is always free from any phone.
At the emergency call centre, you will be asked your name, address and the phone number from which you are calling. The call centre will then make sure that an ambulance, police or other emergency help is sent immediately.

To reach the police in cases of emergency, call 110. To reach the local police department in Saarbrücken, dial 0681 9620. Address: Karcherstr. 5, 66111 Saarbrücken.


If you or somebody else has had contact with a poisonous substance or has been stung or bitten by a potentially poisonous animal, call 06841 19240. This is the Giftinformationszentrale at the Universitätsklinik Homburg (University Hospital). They can answer your questions and tell you what to do or what not to do. If you want to call for an ambulance directly, call 112 or 19 222 (see above).


Important vocabulary in this context:

accident Unfall
fire Feuer
there is a fire es brennt
injured person Verletzte/r
severely injured person Schwerverletzte/r
poisoning Vergiftung
traffic accident Verkehrsunfall
fire department Feuerwehr
police Polizei
emergency physician Notarzt
ambulance Krankenwagen
fight Schlägerei
robbery Überfall
bullet wound / gunshot wound Schussverletzung
stabbing Messerstecherei
unconscious bewusstlos
pulse Puls
breathing / to breathe Atmung / atmen
fracture of the arm / leg Armbruch / Beinbruch